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Call for Chinese Animation Artist-in-Residence

Still from Ketchup
Still from Ketchup
Still from Ketchup
Written by
Colin Buttimer
Published date
26 February 2014

Still from Ketchup

Central Saint Martins is looking to host an academic who specialises in animation from a Chinese university. The chosen artist-in-residence will undertake research at Central Saint Martins.

Chunning Guo, who was chosen as the first Animation Artist in Residence, will soon be joining the College for three months. Hailing from Beijing, she will use her time here to research her PhD paper and put on workshops and exhibitions.

The author of several books, Chunning Guo has more than a decade of teaching experience and her animated artworks have been displayed around the world. Her short animation Ketchup, which illustrates a boy’s experiences in China during 1984, can be seen below:

If you fancy becoming the next animation artist-in-residence, download the application pack.

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