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BA Fashion Show 2019: In Pictures

Nicole Zisman
Written by
Christiane Brittain
Published date
31 May 2019

Yesterday, some of our BA Fashion students presented their final collections in an extraordinary catwalk show.

Presenting 43 collections from across menswear, womenswear, knitwear, print and fashion design with marketing, the show reflected the incredible and diverse talent of our students. Here we share one look from each of the collections.

We are immensely proud of this year’s fashion show.  The students created incredibly sensitive and relevant collections.

It has been a privilege for us to have been part of the background and stories. The subjects of the collections are rooted in many personal and wider collective issues and celebrates and extends the possibilities of what fashion can be.

Sarah Gresty, BA Fashion Course Leader

All images:

Fumika Oshima

Fumika Oshima Caption

Keith Tovey

Keith Tovey Caption

Jamie Challinor

Jamie Challinor Caption

Liza Keane

Liza Keane Caption

Danni Harris

Danni Harris Caption

Fabrice Desvaux De Marigny

Fabrice Desvaux De Marigny Caption

Ben Sumpter

Ben Sumpter Caption

Jude Farrari

Jude Farrari Caption

Celine Schubert

Celine Schubert Caption

Chaney Diao

Chaney Diao Caption

Daiki Fujita

Daiki Fujita Caption

Alejandra Munoz Pons

Alejandra Munoz Pons Caption

Amy Coker

Amy Coker Caption

Hatti Rees

Hatti Rees Caption

David Brunnbauer

David Brunnbauer Caption

Kazuya Kojima

Kazuya Kojima Caption

George Allen

George Allen Caption

Sydney Pimbley

Sydney Pimbley Caption

Rosie Harris

Rosie Harris Caption

Tesfa Joseph

Tesfa Joseph Caption

Fredrik Tjaerandsen

Fredrik Tjaerandsen Caption

Lucile Francoise Therese Guilmard

Lucile Francoise Therese Guilmard Caption

Ana Andrade

Ana Andrade Caption

Hikaru Kodama

Hikaru Kodamajpg Caption

Andrea Mayer

Andrea Mayer Caption

Antonio Vatev

Antonio Vatev Caption

Nicole Zisman

Nicole Zisman Caption

Cecily Cracroft-Eley

Cecily Cracroft-Eley Caption

Grace Jean-Louis Constantine

Grace Jean-Louis Constantine Caption

Laino Bilbao Ugarte

Laino Bilbao Ugarte Caption

Kevin Carrington

Kevin Carrington Caption

Jeeyoun Lee

Jeeyoun Lee Caption

Sophia Orlandi Faria

Sophia Orlandi Faria Caption

Beatrice Sangster-Bullers

Beatrice Sangster-Bullers Caption

Hee Joung Lee

Hee Joung Lee Caption

Pauline De Blonay

Pauline De Blonay Caption

Foning Bao

Foning Bao Caption

Kamine Kolanen

Kamine Kolanen Caption

Natalie Zipfl

Natalie Zipfl Caption

Josephine Bikram Kaur Sidhu

Josephine Bikram Kaur Sidhu Caption

Fidan Novruzova

Fidan Novruzova Caption

Vy Cutting

Vy Cutting Caption

Benjamin Benmoyal

Benjamin Benmoyal Caption


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People on catwalk
Fredrik Tjaerandsen, L'Oréal Professionel Young Talent Award with Monica Teodoro, General Manager, L’Oréal Professionnel

BA Fashion Show 2019

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