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Redesign Youth Futures

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Redesigning the future of young lives through new perspectives on youth violence.

Youth violence has become an everyday problem in the UK, despite its brutal and devastating effects. Although tackling this issue has become a top priority for the government, youth crime is still on the rise.

The causes of youth violence are complex. A huge range of factors are ‘locked in battle’, where not one single catalyst is clear. The statistics have become difficult to understand with endless lists of numbers documenting the problems, yet failing to find solutions.

But we’re here to disrupt this.

Redesign Youth Futures brings a health and humanities perspective to youth crime, using data visualisation and co-creation to help national and local policy makers, strategic funders and service providers see this difficult challenge in new ways. So that they can make informed, impactful decisions.

We’re here to change the picture.

Let’s redesign the future of young lives.

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