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Central Saint Martins

Susan Campbell

BA Textile Design Alumni
Central Saint Martins
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Susan  Campbell


Susan Campbell, provides an insight into the thinking behind her project ‘Status Update’.

Status Update

Status, value and prestige are all interwoven into society. Everything we understand today is only understood because of what we know previously and is judged in comparison. This project was an exploration into how these values have changed from traditional viewpoints to modern day society. It is looking at established ways of showing status such as medals and comparing with modern day status symbols such as credit cards to create a textile that combines old and new values, creating an antitraditional status symbol – a ‘status update’.

By using the textiles for luxury sportswear, as well as being linked to medals and achievement, it represents the idea of showing a ‘status’ about oneself to others that may not be entirely factual. Luxury sportswear portrays a use for exercise but in reality it would never be used for that.

An interest in CAD technology and how this equipment can push a design in a completely different direction, developed into using it as a tool for making an unusual print. The fabrics created for this project move and act as if they are one fabric but in some cases are created from hundreds of different laser cut neoprene pieces. The material is a like flexible jigsaw, with all the pieces still creating one overall image to the viewer.


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