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Stephanie Sherman

Course Leader, MA Narrative Environments
Central Saint Martins
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Stephanie  Sherman


My work reprograms outmoded systems, sites, and surplus as collaborative platforms. I work across social, speculative, systems and spatial design, building large-scale projects and organisations spanning media, culture, urbanism, art and technology.

Some of my work repurposes large scale spaces into exceptional environments. Elsewhere transformed a three floor former seconds store into a living museum, creative residency, and collaborative laboratory. Kulturpark initiated the conversion of an abandoned East Berlin amusement park into a public park. Other projects reorganise access to resources and disciplines. Provisions Research developed a residency program linking international creators with federal institutions and archives in Washington DC. Radio Espacio Estación (, a nomadic, online, translingual radio station, hosts broadcast events about mobility and movement from locations across the world. I also collaborate with Autonomy UK, a think tank on the future of work, on policy proposals and urban designs for post-work futures.

My PhD research with The UC San Diego Center for Design and Geopolitics on platform automation investigates how 20th Century automobility systems, narratives, and interfaces shape 21st Century mobility platforms.  As part of this project, I’ve worked as a speculative designer and strategist with industry, city governments and civil society, with partners including Ford Motors, Hyundai, SANDAG (The San Diego Department of Regional Governance). SAP Design, The Henry Ford Archives and Museums, and Trust Berlin.

I have lectured and hosted workshops at Strelka Institute Moscow (New Normal & Terraforming Think Tanks), Neon Foundation Athens, Sandberg Institute Amsterdam, Cambridge University, Bauhaus University Weimar, Minneapolis College of Art and Design, Institut Hyperwerk Switzerland, and CCA San Francisco.

My writing has been published in The New Normal Compendium (Strelka / Park Press), AI & Society, Cabinet Magazine, Terremoto Magazine, ACM Design Journal, and Field Journal. My projects have been supported by The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, The Arts and Humanities Research Council, The Soros Foundation, and many others.

I am finalising my PhD in Design at University of California San Diego. I hold an MA in Philosophy from Duke, and a BA in English Literature from University of Pennsylvania.