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Nooshin Farhid

Associate Lecturer, MA Fine Art
Central Saint Martins


I was born in Tehran, Iran and now live and work in London. I studied Fine Art at Central Saint Martin’s College of Art (University of The Arts, London) where I now teach on the BA and MA Fine Art courses. I have been involved in a number of exhibitions, film festivals and screenings of my video works both nationally and internationally. My work is primarily concerned with the moving image, which takes the form of single screen works, installations, interventions and animation, still photography and the production of texts. My video works whilst employing different subjects and scenarios have a connecting thread, a commonality, namely there is a certain kind of agitation, a restlessness and a deliberate  disjuncture that ruptures the familiar trajectory of the traditional narrative. This agitation and an unwillingness to settle reflects upon the current state of things socially, politically and ideologically.

My work is eclectic and conceptually nomadic, I use the camera as a visual notebook collecting fragments of encounters, events and chance meetings that collectively question the incessant drive towards normality and conformity through the pressure of the state and its agencies. At the same time I appropriate that other form of ‘making dumb’, the popular media – soaps, reality TV, Bollywood, MTV. This raw material is savagely edited and undergoes a form of post production, collaged fragments are welded together, each one activating and qualifying its predecessor. It is within this approach to my work that my position is to be found, my deliberate lack of regard for status, image hierarchy and historical continuity allows for an essentially tangential trajectory to her subject matter.