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Central Saint Martins

Jack Sunnucks

BA Fashion Communication Alum
Central Saint Martins
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Jack  Sunnucks


Jack talks about his journey of finding what he really wanted to do.


Please describe a project you worked on during your course

The most fun I had was a project on Issey Miyake, shooting the clothes on charming women who were obsessed with ‘Pleats Please’. By second year, I realized that I wanted to become a writer; hence from that moment on, I focused all my energy and efforts towards that direction.

How did you heard about CSM?

I did a foundation year at Central Saint Martins, that year I was also offered a place at University College London to do English Literature. However, I did not feel ready to study that course yet. After a year, when I finished my foundation, I made the decision to carry on my studies at Central Saint Martins and I made the announcement to my parents, hence I dropped the offer from the other university.

What is a typical day like?

I have to communicate my ideas in an efficient and effective way until they come to fruition, therefore when I was not attending my tutorials with tutors, I ended up drinking a huge amount of coffee in Soho or I was in the silent zone in the library trying not to be distracted.

Do you have any experience of working with industry?

During summertime, I have done an internship for the stylist, Karl Templer, following another internship at 10 Magazine. After that, I finally got a job as a studio assistant for Juergen Teller. It is important to do a variety of things so you can realize what it is that you would truly like or dislike to do. Where in my case, I discovered that I loved working for a magazine.

How have you found the support whilst you studied here?

My tutors were very supportive. I found that technical staff was slightly baffling, as I could not communicate my ideas efficiently with them, but most probably it is because I am not a technical person at all.

Why did you chose this particular course over others?

I thought it would get me where I wanted to be more effectively.

What sort of a person do you think you need to be to do well on your course?

Independent and slightly mad, this helps in such an industry, such as fashion.

What you love about CSM and why you’d recommend it?

The people! Both tutors and students. When I recruit people, I always know CSM students have proper art and fashion references - they get drilled into you.

What you hope to go on to do?

At the moment, I am an editor at Wonderland magazine.

What advice would you pass on?

Try hard and enjoy it as much as you can. In hindsight, I wish I had been less of a misery.

What have your highlights been?

Getting in to the magazine I did as my final project placed in Dover Street & Colette.

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