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Dr John Cussans

Lecturer, MRes Art: Theory and Philosophy
Central Saint Martins
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John  Cussans


I am an artist, writer and independent researcher working across the fields of contemporary art, cultural history and experimental writing. I have a multi-disciplinary arts practice, often working collaboratively on joint projects.

In 2001 I co-founded The Bughouse, an international artistic research project celebrating the work of Philip K. Dick that culminated in two collective multi-media art events: Project VALIS (2002) and The Ideoplasmic Congress (2003).  Since 2009 I have been involved with the Ghetto Biennale, an international art event that takes place in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. My book Undead Uprising: Haiti, Horror and the Zombie Complex (MIT/Strange Attractor 2017) explores the uses of Haiti as a locus for Euro-American fears about African culture, religion and revolutionary excess in the Americas, and their sublimation into popular horror tropes.

I am currently working on a long-term artistic research project called The Skullcracker Suite, investigating processes of cultural decolonization in British Columbia.