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Amandine Forest-Aguié

MA Graphic Communication Design alum
Central Saint Martins
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Amandine  Forest-Aguié


Amandine Forest-Aguié graduated from both MA Graphic Communication Design and BA (Hons) Graphic Communication Design at Central Saint Martins,


Why did you choose to study MA Graphic Communication Design at Central Saint Martins (CSM)?

I decided to continue my studies at CSM because I felt really supported during my BA. I felt like it was the right place to expand and deepen my practice due to my previous experience, my knowledge of the place, the workshops, the tutors…

What have you been working on since graduating?

Since graduating, I have been working part-time as a graphic designer in an Architecture practice as well as continuing to do some freelance work. I am also trying to keep working on my personal project and developing my practice by working on new publications, book, and gaining more knowledge in self-publishing and printing.

What was the most interesting project you worked on during your time on the course?

It was definitely my Final major project, this is where I actually had the space to expand and re-understand, re-explore and re-challenge my practice. I am very proud of the work I have produce in this very short amount of time. There is still more that I would want to do, but it was a really nice opening into what my practice could become.

What important piece of advice would you give to students thinking of studying this course?

If I am being completely honest here, they should talk to someone that has experienced the course and trust what they are saying. I have made this mistake to enroll even though I have had the best feedback and I have to say, I have been hit disappointed by the quality of the course and the difference between what I was expecting and what I received.

I just feel that I wasn’t the right fit for the course and the course wasn’t the right fit for me. I still learned, and enjoyed my time but went through a lot of frustration and felt that I could have developed more if the course as designed in a different way. So yeah, take in consideration your background, your expectations and talk to an alumni.

What was the highlight of your Central Saint Martins experience?

The highlight of my experience lies in the tutors I had and their excitement in my work and their support. I felt really supported and, during both my BA and MA, the last term of final year, had amazing female tutors that really made me feel good and proud about my work, therefore giving me the energy and confidence to push trough hard time to produce a work that would give me satisfaction.

Also, I do have to mention the Publication workshop, I have had an amazing relationship with them for 4 years, they always have been there for me to help me on the production she of my work and have been really essential to my whole experience. Huge shoutout to them <3

What is the most important thing you learnt on the course?

I would say using more conceptual references than visual ones. What I mean here, is it is easy as a designer to have visual reference, visual inspirations and this can lead to a sort of ‘visual copying’ . However, due to the importance of reading and conceptual reference sometimes outside of the field of graphic design, this helps you see a concept, a way of thinking as a reference for your work. It is thus feeding your concept but this concept is turning into visual. This is, in my practice for example, my relationship with deconstruction by Jacques Derrida and Postructuralism. But it is also something that I expended to African design system and sciences.


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