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Maison/0 Degree Show Green Trail winners

Maison/0 is an incubator of creative-led sustainable innovation set up as part of the CSM LVMH Partnership in September 2017.

We provoke systemic change where creative practices take centre stage in order to help shape a more sustainable future.

Maison/0 objectives:

  • Inspire, inform and equip the next generation of creative talents to take the lead on sustainable innovation
  • Undertake research, development and experimental projects to explore new avenues for sustainable luxury
  • Curate public-facing events which showcase creative practice as a catalyst for sustainable innovation

Maison/0 supports the following activities:

  • Enhancing the integration of sustainable values in the curriculum across disciplines at Central Saint Martins
  • Experimental research and development for sustainable luxury
  • Signposting the best of sustainable projects at Central Saint Martins with the Maison/0 Degree Show Green Trail
  • Public-facing events which provide inspirational models for creative practitioners such as The Other Way symposium and exhibition

Recent and Upcoming events:

The Other Way: Designing a sustainable tomorrow, Design Museum London

22 February 2019, 10.30am–5.30pm

This Maison/0 symposium celebrates how creative practices across disciplines can stimulate new approaches to sustainable innovation.

Maison/0 Degree Show Green Trail

June 2019

The Green Trail is designed to signpost and reward the best innovative projects across design and architecture disciplines during our annual Degree Show Two: Design in June. The Green Trail also enables the public to follow the trail and therefore see the show through a sustainable lens