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Renault and Central Saint Martins came together to create a design competition focused on the future of autonomous driving

MA Industrial Design students were invited to submit design concepts exploring how autonomous driving could impact on a car’s interior environment. Over the course of two months, nine teams of students created prototypes of their design concepts, providing valuable and creative insight into the future of autonomous mobility.

The winning entry ‘Renault Oura’, by Lily Saporta Tagiuri, Evgeniya Chernyykh and Zhenyou Gao, imagined a vehicular “suit” that gives the wearer/rider the feeling of weightlessly flying through a cityscape while still on the road. Inspired by an image of a ballet dancer lifting their partner, the wearer/rider is gracefully supported by a flexible structure of woven steel, carbon fibre and silicone.

The prize for the winning Renault Oura team was an exclusive internship at Renault Design's Technocentre in Paris.

I was blown away by the variety of ideas. The diversity was completely unexpected. Lots of [the groups] picked up on personalisation and many conceptual ideas were believable. I was particularly pleased to see one group thinking about exercise; it made me wonder if we could actually harness kinetic energy to power the car.

Anthony Lo, Vice-President of Exterior Design, Renault