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Google Arts & Culture and Vivendi

Immersive audio-visual artwork in virtual reality

Google Arts & Culture and Vivendi invited eight students and graduates of Central Saint Martins to experiment with Google's Tilt Brush virtual paintbrush. During a dedicated workshop, they explored creating virtual reality artworks that reimagined the rich mix of music, fashion and art that makes up Paris and London.

MA Fashion Communication & Promotion student, Lea Sorli, and BA Fine Art graduate, Arnaud Meneroud, were then invited to work together alongside music composers and CSM alumni, Max Hollands and Dan White, using Tilt Brush as their creative tool. The result is two closely linked but starkly contrasting audio-visual virtual artworks; Memorial of an Upcoming Future and Spatium [ 51°02’11.1”N 1°33’30.7”E ]. The artworks and accompanying soundtracks were showcased through live interaction with guests at Vivendi’s Le Crxssing Festival at Abbey Road Studios, London.

It was such a pleasure to work with the team at CSM on this...they all responded to the brief with real flair and were brilliant assets to the event when sharing their work and speaking to guests.

Hannah Andrews, Google Arts and Culture