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Design Against Crime

Design Against Crime as an approach to social innovation emerged at University of the Arts London between 1999-2009.

The philosophy behind Design Against Crime at Central Saint Martins is linked to a practice-led socially responsive design research agenda that posits crime as a theme that can be addressed by methodologies generated by 'social design' (also referred to as 'socially useful design' or 'design for society'); an approach which comprehends that because crime is not carbon neutral any design address also demands attention to multiple drivers, including those used to measure sustainability.

The Centre's focus is based on the understanding that design thinking as well as design practice can and should address security issues without compromising functionality and other aspects of performance, or aesthetics.

In everyday language, secure design has to be user-friendly whilst abuser-unfriendly but it doesn't have to look criminal or even ugly.

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For more information visit the Design Against Crime website.