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Central Saint Martins


In 2017 the partnership between LVMH and Central Saint Martins was taken to a new level with the appointment of Professor Carole Collet as the first CSM LVMH Director of Sustainability and Innovation.

The occasion was marked with an event in May which brought representatives from 14 Maisons to the College to meet with students and staff, share stories and celebrate the many collaborations and connections between the two institutions.

CSM and LVMH have enjoyed a close relationship over many years, strengthened in 2011 with the creation of the three Grand Prix LVMH Scholarships and sponsorship of the LVMH Lecture Theatre, a versatile space hosting a wide range of thought provoking events and lectures.

This new phase of the partnership sees the number of LVMH scholarships nearly double and collaborations between LVMH Maisons and courses at Central Saint Martins supported to bring students of all disciplines together with industry to tackle the issues facing luxury, fashion and beyond.

LVMH Activities