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Flower wreath with text reading ‘The People’s Champion’.
Mitch Vowels, alum of BA Fine Art at Chelsea College of Art, The People's Champion

Behind the Glass by Boys Don't Cry

10 May – 11 June 2021

Behind the Glass is a project exploring mental health by Boys Don’t Cry in collaboration with the Museum & Study Collection. Launching in Mental Health Awareness Week, the exhibition showcases new work created around the theme of male mental health, inspired by the artworks and stories in the Museum & Study Collection.

For the last eighteen months, artists from Boys Don’t Cry have taken part in sessions exploring the creative figures featured in the Museum & Study Collection, who have either struggled with their mental health or lost their lives as a result. Many of these stories are unknown by the students, so as a group we have reflected on how these historical narratives relate to us in 2021.

Download the exhibition catalogue (PDF: 3.4mb).

Read the story about the project and participants.