Haptic Thinking

Design intelligence is saying as much as possible with only the essentials… As designers we have a responsibility to enjoy our process, frustrate ourselves in seeking answers, and above all be brave.

Edwin Mohney, Brain Waves exhibitor

These designers connect head with hand, grounding their actions in tacit intelligence, employing both the sensual and practical aspects of making to support their thinking. Some are alchemists, transforming base materials into something magical while others coax humanity from digital technologies. Innovation in both process and material are central here as these designers push, and even challenge, the relationship between man, material and machine. 

With materials a particular focus for these designers, here we see Maria Gasparian’s architectural ceramic experiments and Edwin Mohney’s embodied tape creations alongside Po-Wei Chen’s contemporary Taiwanese furniture and Orla Lawn’s silk, wool and concrete wall hangings. The screen makes several appearances with Mark Laban’s Japanese-inspired furniture combining traditional and digital process, Julius Ingermann Breitenstein prototype for iterative design as well as Felix Steindl’s interactive tour through decades of television test screens