Creative Forensics

There are no solutions, no ultimate truth, definition of beauty, utility or function. Our role as designers is to iteratively negotiate the upcoming changes in society.

Joao Gil, Brain Waves exhibitor

These designers hunt down inspiration, sometimes in the strangest places, gathering facts and figures and using their imagination to convert data-rich information into innovative, unexpected proposals. Their thinking has connections with scientific enquiry, dissecting and analysing their subjects’ components but with results that roam from problem-solving products to speculative fictions.

Here we travel from the abstract in Emily Schofield’s protesting typeface to the practical with Helena Jordan’s architectural masterplan encouraging social cohesion across polarised communities. We move from Ireland’s Magdalene’s laundries memorialised in Florance Tebbutt’s stitches and Tommaso Russo’s sonic portrait of Central Saint Martins to the Johannesburg backdrop of Ibrahim Kamara’s fashionable provocations for a broader masculinity.