GCD Transmissions Podcast

The rules of graphic communication design are being rewritten and its canonical figures and works of the 20th Century are being unseated by new perspectives from the cultural and economic fringes, new models of practice and new media hybrids.

Meanwhile, design outcomes are shifting from print-based media to screen-based media to a newfound media agnostic state. How are leading graphic communication design practitioners thinking and working in this new unsettled climate? What are the implications for educators and students of graphic communication in this expanded field?

GCD Transmissions is a podcast created and produced by the Graphic Communication Design department at Central Saint Martins. Hosted by design writer Dr. Peter Hall, Transmissions seeks to answer these questions and more through a series of interviews with exciting designers from around the world.

Produced by Tomasso Russo, with support from Pierre-Emmanuel Lemaire, Rory Brooks and Lu Vormittag, Transmissions releases a new episode every two weeks, listen to those available below.