Locker clearance June 2018

Please remember to leave your lockers empty and unlocked by Friday 29 June. Nothing left in a locker beyond this date will be kept. Drama Centre London courses that have different term dates will be notified separately of their locker clearance date.

Last year, 191 black sacks filled with rubbish abandoned in lockers were put into landfill. We would like to limit our impact on the environment and reduce this number, recycling and reusing where possible. Please be kind to mother earth and take a moment to clear your lockers by the end of the Summer term. Thank you!

Lockers are provided throughout the King's Cross building and are accessed using your smartcard. The maps below show locker locations for each programme.

To use a locker:

  • Find a locker which is empty and vacant (indicated by a green display), put your belongings in it and close the door.
  • Place your smartcard against the top part of the lock. As soon as you do this the locker is captured on your smartcard – do not touch your smartcard to a locker if you do not intend to lock it immediately.
  • When the light flashes green, turn the knob to lock it and the display will turn red.
  • Make sure when you capture your locker that the knob has turned round fully and shows red. Double check by trying to turn the dial back to green and open the locker door. If the locker opens at any point place your smartcard back on the lock and lock it again.

Other useful locker information

  • If the lock makes four slow beeps and flashes red when you put your smartcard against it, the battery is running low. The battery will be changed in due course, but you can use the locker in the meantime.
  • Please do not force the door closed on a locker which is too full. This will break the lock, which costs the college £126 to replace.
  • Please do not leave empty lockers locked.
  • Please do not leave perishable food, old takeaway cups and other smelly items in your locker - this is unpleasant for people working nearby and for those responsible for locker maintenance.
  • The University cannot accept responsibility for lost or stolen items.
  • Please do not store unissued library books in the lockers in A101
  • You can access your locker at any time with your smartcard, and it will remain yours until you leave it with the door open and the green display showing.
  • You can only use one locker at a time.
  • College staff may access your locker on occasion for essential maintenance e.g. changing the lock batteries.
  • If your smartcard is replaced, the locker will not automatically transfer to your new card. A member of staff will need to open the locker for you, then you can lock the locker with your new card. Please visit the Student Centre to help you with this. 

Ceramic Industrial and Product Design (PDF 386KB)

  • BA Ceramic Design
  • BA Product Design
  • MA Design: Ceramics, Furniture or Jewellery
  • MA Industrial Design

Culture and Enterprise Programme (PDF 148KB) 

  • BA Culture, Criticism and Curation
  • CSM/Birkbeck MBA
  • MA Applied Imagination in the Creative Industries
  • MA Arts & Cultural Enterprise
  • MA Culture, Criticism and Curation
  • MA Innovation Management

Drama Centre London (PDF 484KB)

  • Foundation Studies in Performance
  • BA Acting
  • BA Directing / MA Directing
  • MA Acting
  • MA Screen Acting
  • MA Screen Directing

Drama & Performance Programme (PDF 361KB)

  • BA Performance Design and Practice
  • MA Character Animation
  • MA Dramatic Writing (Drama Centre London)
  • MA Performance Design and Practice 

Fashion Programme (PDF 703KB)

  • BA Fashion
  • BA Fashion Communication
  • Graduate Diploma in Fashion
  • MA Fashion

Fine Art Programme (PDF 410KB)

  • BA Fine Art
  • MA Art and Science
  • MA Fine Art
  • MA Photography
  • MRes Art: Exhibition Studies
  • MRes Art: Moving Image
  • MRes Art: Theory and Philosophy

Graphic Communication Design Programme (PDF 144KB)

  • BA Graphic Design
  • MA Communication Design

Spatial Practices Programme (PDF 395KB)

  • BA Architecture
  • MA Architecture: Cities and Innovation
  • M ARCH
  • MA Narrative Environments

Textiles & Jewellery Programme (PDF 574KB)

  • BA Jewellery Design
  • BA Textile Design
  • MA Material Futures

Staff lockers (PDF 149KB)