Julie Lambden

Drama and Performance Programme; Editing Tutor, MA Screen: Directing, Writing, Drama Centre London.

I have a degree in Fine Art and an MA in Film Production. My professional credits in editing include feature films, TV drama, documentaries and independent short films for the BBC and Channel 4. Other work covers design for films, exhibition design and animation.

I am a Lecturer in film and television at the University of Westminster, specialising in editing and post-production. At present I am researching, editing and producing a documentary series.

What I teach

I teach the technical and theoretical practice of editing on BA Directing and MA Screen. Editing has been considered to be 'directing a film for the third time' – the first and second being the script and shooting stages. The editor is said to use the same skills as those needed by a director – the ability to judge the emotional point at which to cut.

An editor learns to make leaps in time, shift emphasis, draw out a performance, plant indiscernible plot details, reveal the structure, create pace and tone and ultimately seize the opportunities offered by the film to involve and entertain the audience.

My professional credits include features, television drama, documentaries and  short films for the BBC, Channel 4, digital channels and independents.