CSM Public

As artists and designers, we have a unique role to play in transforming objects, systems and lives for the better. Through CSM Public we collaborate with a variety of academic, corporate, non-profit and government organisations to develop new ways of engaging with societal issues and deliver more optimistic futures for all.

We are agile, critical and collaborative thinkers and makers. Inspired by complex problems, our best work happens in response to uncertainty. We create imaginative and resilient ways forward by asking provocative questions, exploring from lateral and human-centred perspectives and following through on the impact of our actions.

Home to a broad range of art, design and performance disciplines. CSM is a vibrant creative community actively involved in shaping new models for living through our research, our taught programmes and our local, national and international networks.   

We offer partners an inspiring, neutral and supportive environment in which to experiment and innovate. CSM Public will connect you to relevant expertise and help shape a project according to your needs. This can take the form of student-based projects, academic or graduate consultancy through to research-led initiatives.

Phone Monica Hundal on 7514 8716 or email: csmpublic@csm.arts.ac.uk to discuss how we can work with you to make change happen.

  • Stimulating Debate

    We create experiences, campaigns, events and works that challenge the status-quo.

  • Society and wellbeing

    We aim to democratise the innovation process. We learn together by thinking, making and doing together.

  • Community and place

    When applied critically, art and design can transform places for the long-term benefit of all by addressing context, use and space.

  • Sustainable futures

    Speculating about the future is fundamental to art and design practices, as is a thorough understanding of and respect for materials and production processes.

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