Sonsoles Alvarez – MA Graphic Design

Sonsoles Alvarez
Cover proposal for a retrospective book on Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners. Designed with David Tanguy.
Image by Sonsoles Alvarez

Sonsoles was born in Galicia, Spain, and came to London to expand her horizons in design. She graduated from MA Graphic Design at London College of Communication in 2008.

Since then Sonsoles has gained a wide range of experience at multidisciplinary studio Praline, working primarily with art institutions, at Fraser Muggeridge Studio as an editorial designer and at Mother London working on global advertising campaigns. This has allowed her to collaborate with clients such as Richard Rogers + Architects, IKEA, Central Saint Martins, The Photographer’s Gallery, Action Against Hunger and Warp records.

Sonsoles Alvarez
Invitation for Petra Bauer's exhibition 'Me You Us Them'. Designed with Fraser Muggeridge.
Image by Sonsoles Alvarez

Why did you decide to study MA Graphic Media Design at LCC?

I think the program was what attracted me the most. The idea of self-initiated projects overseen by teachers from very different backgrounds was decisive. After a period working as a professional designer you are craving for a more experimental framework. I had been always very fond of English culture so that only added to the richness of the whole experience.

List highs/lows of your time on the course

I guess taking decisions is an important part of the course. This was sometimes complicated, specially when you had to focus on an specific subject for one of your projects. Carrying on different experiments and seeing interesting outcome was definitely a high during the course.

Sonsoles Alvarez
WK School brochures.
Image by Sonsoles Alvarez

What three words would you use to best describe LCC?

Self-initiated, transdisciplinary, unruly

What piece of advice would you give to applicants considering an MA?

I think the MA becomes the perfect context to shape your interests and allows you to understand the design process. I would say motivation and curiosity are key components of a program that offers a less prescribed environment will bring you the opportunity to explore design in exciting directions.

Link to my major project:

Bookscapes, re-enacting Franz Kafka's “The Trial”