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Jenny Lee

MA User Experience Design student
London College of Communication
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Jenny  Lee


Jenny is a current student on MA User Experience Design at London College of Communication.


Where are you from in the world?

Why did you decide to pursue a postgraduate degree in user experience design?
After working for almost two years as a web designer, I realised that having those practical skills and experiences wasn’t enough for me. As the term “user experience” is getting more and more popular in the design industry, the insight of design is considered to be even more important than the design itself. To improve myself and fulfil my interest, I decided to gain more knowledge about the trend of user experience and learn the relevant skills through advanced education.

Which project have you most enjoyed working on?  
My favourite project so far has been the one about urban space and loneliness. It was an eight week project where my teammates and I designed an installation placed in an urban space. The aim was to raise awareness and understanding of loneliness and to challenge the conception that urban spaces affect us negatively. I enjoyed the project because we conducted various research and design methods. I learnt so much during the process as well as from my teammates.

What’s the most valuable lesson you’ve learnt on the course so far?
Never limit the possibilities of design. You don’t always need to solve the problem with the design.

Has the course included any involvement with industry?
Yes. Last unit, we completed a collaborative project with external partners. My team worked on a brief provided by Fjord, a very famous, international design agency. We gained lots of nice, useful feedback from them. They also shared some projects they were working on, giving us a better idea on how they work in the industry.

Have you completed any work placements during your time on the course?
I am currently doing an internship at Finda. It is a startup company with the product of a model booking platform. My main role is to re-design the website interface, improving the workflow and make it more user friendly.

Where do you hope this course will lead you?
I hope to work as an UX researcher/designer in an international design studio, ideally based in London.

Why would you recommend MA User Experience Design to prospective students?
Firstly, the projects we work on are challenging but loads of fun. Secondly, there are opportunities to work with people from the industry who might potentially hire you in the future. Finally, our tutor, John is extremely brilliant!

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