Samantha Sweeting – BA (Hons) Photography

Samantha Sweeting is an interdisciplinary artist based in London. She graduated with a first class BA (Hons) Photography at London College of Communication (LCC) in 2004.

What have you been working on since graduating?

Since LCC, I have trained as a massage therapist, completed a Masters in Visual Performance at Dartington in Devon and moved to a farmhouse in a forest in the French Pyrenees. My time spent living in wild rural areas provoked a body of work centred around human-animal nurture and nature. I have since come full circle back to where I was, living in London seven years ago, and the memory and storytelling components of my practice are beginning to take prominence. 

How did LCC help you to develop as an artist?

I was supported to pursue the kind of performance installation work that interested me. I was also lucky to have some very talented and motivated peers and tutors, many of whom I remain in contact with; dialogue is an essential part of my artistic development.

Is your work influenced by anyone in particular?

It depends what I am researching but some enduring influences include Helen Chadwick, Louise Bourgeois, Ana Mendieta, Sophie Calle, La Ribot, Rona Lee, as well as the films of Peter Greenaway and Jan Svankmejer, and the writings of Jeanette Winterson and Unica Zurn.

What has been your biggest achievement to date?

I had one of my videos, ‘Run Rabbit, Run Rabbit, Run Run Run’, on display in the Alice in Wonderland exhibition at Tate Liverpool.

Do you make your living through photography?

Photography is just one of many things that I do.

Can you tell us about your upcoming exhibition?

The Tate exhibition will be travelling to Italy and Germany after Liverpool. I also currently have a solo show in Ghent, Dans le Jardin des Caresses, which combines fragments of different works from the last eight years, including a series of photographs of empty beds that formed part of my degree show installation at LCC.

Anything else we should know?

I have a keen interest in psychoanalytic theory and psychotherapy, which runs in parallel with my art practice. I also like feral cats and food, and am planning a collaborative project for the New Year, where I will make myself into a cake.

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