Will Durrant – BA (Hons) Games Design

Will Durrant, The Launch of Sputnik, BA (Hons) Games Design, LCC
Second year decades game - The Launch of Sputnik

What made you choose to study BA (Hons) Games Design course at LCC?

It seemed like the best course in central London.

Where are you from in the world? 

A little village in Wiltshire (Hullavington), UK

What did you study before joining the course? 

Prior to this I did a foundation Art and Design course in Bath.

How are you finding your time at LCC so far? 

It’s been fun! My favourite times have been the game jams, although we didn’t have one in 3rd year.

Will Durrant, Robot Thesis, BA (Hons) Games Design, LCC
Robot Thesis game during gameplay

Tell us about what you’re working on at the moment.

A 3D rhythm game.

What do you try to achieve with your games? 

I focus on gameplay and mechanics and spend most of my time polishing the way the game feels - I aim to produce flowing and fun games.

Outside of the course, are you working on any freelance commissions or research projects at the moment?

In the past, I have been involved in community modding projects for games I enjoy. I've worked with members of BA Journalism to produce an interactive piece for their Snowden exhibit at the university, and assisted Interactive Design Arts members with technical solutions for their projects. Outside of games design, I've done graphic design commissions, and had several tracks licensed as a music producer.

Tell us about the most rewarding thing you’ve done on the course so far.

Probably the collaborative unit in the 2nd year. I worked very hard with a good team of people and we produced a good result. It was an elastic band target shooting game built around the lift in the design block. Each floor of the block was a different level with increasingly difficult targets to shoot so the players used the lift to take them to the next level. We built about 20 elastic band guns and the targets were electronically automated to reset using an arduino system.

Will Durrant, major project prototype, BA (Hons) Games Design, LCC
Major project prototype during gameplay


Name three things you couldn't be creative without: 

(Brain, nervous system, etc...) Realistically: Music is a great aid, a community/peers, interesting experiences.

Tell us about your future plans and ambitions for once you graduate: 

Make games in some capacity. I’m working on these plans right now - probably join a smaller indie studio or work solo.

What drives you to succeed? 

I want to produce things I can be proud of.

Will Durrant, spaceship game, BA (Hons) Games Design, LCC
Year 2, designing opponents unit, spaceship game

What’s been your favourite experience of LCC so far? 

The game jams. Two days to create a game with a team of people from other Game Design years, then a show (more like a party) where you show off your game and play everyone else’s creations. It’s a great way to learn and meet people and develop ideas and processes.

What piece of advice would you give to students thinking about studying on the course? 

Be proactive! In the first and second years, join everything you can, work on every project you can, be as prolific as possible.


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