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Spotlight On: BA (Hons) Games Design – LCC Degree Shows 2019

game interface
game interface
Pauline Martyn ©
Written by
Jake May
Published date
17 June 2019

BA (Hons) Games Design focuses on the challenging nature of games, equipping students with the skills and knowledge to build their own original, conceptual and highly playable games. 

In this year's exhibition as part of LCC Degree Shows 2019 students will be encouraging you to play their finished games and to learn more about the processes behind the games from the designers themselves.

Explore a handful of the projects on show...

Stephen James Borland

Super Magnetic Crush!

super magnetic crush! interface
Stephen Borland ©

Super Magnetic Crush! is a physics-based platform where you play as an animated magnetic cube who's trying to save his ‘opposite’ (who also happens to be made of magnets). They must use their magnetic powers to manipulate their magnetic body through spaces, solving multiple physical puzzles and challenges so they can save their Super Magnetic Crush!

Super Magnetic Crush! brings the “tough-as-nails platforming” and movement of Super Meat Boy while combining the concept of manipulating magnets to change the way players approach and think in given situations, environments and problems; similar to how the ‘Portal Gun’ in Portal innovated new ways to leverage an object in any given situation.

Intended game systems involve magnet physics that revolve around the two basic rules/concepts of opposites attract and likes repel. The magnets are the core gameplay mechanic to solve physical puzzles and challenges by using magnets to maneuver objects, and the player’s character, through space Magnets change the way players approach and think in a given environment.

Pauline Martyn and Taylor Adams-Harriott

Project Madison

game interface
Pauline Martyn ©

Project Madison is a video game graduation project combining narrative and multi-layered systems design in an iconic 1960s setting. In the game, players become a disgruntled 1960s secretary determined to enact revenge on Jeff, her nemesis. The aim is to use the environment and the character's work relationships to get Jeff fired from his cushy job! During the day explore, spy on desks and hidden objects, make friends, and get in the boss’ good books by doing all the work. During the night, use your limited time for mischief: stealing, breaking locks, or destroying important documents. | |

Amalie Kae

The Reign of King Jante

knight in video game on floor
Amalie Kae ©

The Reign of King Jante is a surreal, semi open-world Role Playing Game with 100% original assets, developed with C# in Unity. The game tells the story of a young hero who is rejected by society. SUM-UP: King Jante has spiraled his people into deep despair. Player take on the role of a young hero full of ambition and will to do good, but find themselves trapped in this dark land, where no one welcomes them, and everyone would rather see suffering. The players only way out is to build their strength and to face Jante himself.

LCC Degree Shows 2019: Show 2 takes place from 19–22 June 2019.

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