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Spotlight On: BA (Hons) Sound Arts and Design – LCC Degree Shows 2019

image projected
image projected
Chiara Meadows ©
Written by
Jake May
Published date
14 June 2019

BA (Hons) Sound Arts and Design students explore creative approaches to sound and produce individual portfolios of original sound arts and design. 

This year's exhibition as part of LCC Degree Shows 2019 will engage with a wide range of current practices from emerging artists and designers, including fine art, audio-visual composition, sound installation, soundscapes and acoustic ecology, sound for film and animation, acoustic, electric and electronic experimental music, spatial sound, game audio, virtual reality/extended reality and interactive media.

Explore a handful of the projects on show...

Carla Geronimi

La Promenade

Carla Geronimi ©

La promenade is a short film recounting different chapters of a woman's life. The video questions notions of femininity, beauty, identity and the relations between bodies and their surroundings. Schemes of colours, movements and symbols evoke the possible emotional conflicts and confusions experienced by women through social pressure such as gender stereotypes or ideals of beauty.

Ed Waller


8 Speakers
Ed Waller ©

Noise/Alternative is a multi-channel loudspeaker sculpture which aims to sonify the political alternative that is continually presented in rallies and demonstrations around London. Demonstrations included in this piece are: UHPD #DriveOutDiscrimination, Venezuela Solidarity Campaign #NoBloodForOil, The Alliance of Sudanese Political Forces in UK & IR Sudan Regime to ICC, People’s Assembly Britain is Broken, #YouthStrike4Climate, Extinction Rebellion’s Waterloo Bridge Occupation, and Declare Climate Emergency at Parliament Square.

The piece was inspired by a dissatisfaction with mainstream media representation of demonstrations and rallies. In 'Capitalist Realism: Is there no Alternative?' Mark Fisher outlines how every act of rebellion or resistance has been commodified. 'Alternative' and 'independent' don't designate something outside mainstream culture, they are the dominant styles within the mainstream. The demonstration - the political alternative - is now simply part of the mainstream, it is a style.

Christoph Andreas Pelczar

Alice: An Act in Three Speakers

‘Alice: An Act in Three Speakers’ is a three channel sound sculpture depicting an absurdist feud between three entities, who attempt to solve the most fundamental of all questions: why do we exist and what is the meaning of life? Surveying notions of more than fifty distinguished artists, philosophers and writers, it sets out to solve this existentialist riddle. Or perhaps not.

Krystyna Pęzińska

Zielone Świątki

checkered floor and cross
Krystyna Pęzińska ©

Zielone Świątki is an appraisal of the similarities, contrasts, and the relationship between Modern Christianity and its indisputable bond with pre-Christian paganism. The name of the piece is a colloquial term for Pentecost, but directly translated means Green Week. It used to be the name of a pre-Christian pagan festival, celebrating the coming of the spring, nature and fertility. Both of these festivals fall around the same time.

Zielone Świątki is a term widely used by Polish Christians today, with little to no recognition of its roots. It is the essence of what the piece is aiming to evoke. This sound installation explores the present and the past of Christianity in Poland – one of the most heavily Christian Catholic countries in the world. All the objects within the piece come from Poland. The viewer is encouraged to take a walk between the sacred spaces of the past, and the present, inviting for contemplation on religion, its origin, meaning, and forms across time and place.

Chiara Meadows


image projected
Chiara Meadows ©

'Corpo' is a video installation that captures the improvised motion of two bodies within a restricted space. Shot in one take, the video features a professional dancer and someone not used to dancing in public, allowing the viewer to view and to hear the soundtrack created by the moving bodies interacting with the space and the surrounding objects. The performers are Giorgia Scisciola and Carlotta Proietti.

LCC Degree Shows 2019: Show 2 takes place from 19–22 June 2019.

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