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Spotlight On: Alicja Halbryt, MA Service Design – LCC Postgraduate Shows 2019

Poster of an iPhone screen with the option to switch on 'Pedestrian Mode'
Poster of an iPhone screen with the option to switch on 'Pedestrian Mode'
Image © Alicja Halbryt
Written by
Jake May
Published date
27 November 2019

Students from MA Service Design will be exhibiting an array of innovative and boundary-pushing projects to prospective employers, industry, the public, and friends and family, as part of LCC Postgraduate Shows 2019.

The course will be showing in LCC Postgraduate Shows 2019: Show 2 alongside students across graphic design, film, data visualisation, games design, branding, virtual reality and more, with a Launch Event on 4 December and exhibiting from 5 – 7 December.

Get an idea of what to expect at LCC Postgraduate Shows 2019 as we shine a spotlight on just a handful of the projects set to go on show from the next generation of leading creatives spanning the always-evolving disciplines of design, media and screen...

Alicja Halbryt

The future pedestrian among self-driving cars

Poster of an iPhone screen with the option to switch on 'Pedestrian Mode'
Image © Alicja Halbryt

In Alicja's words...

"Fast-forward at least 10 years into the future and find yourself in London city centre filled both with autonomous vehicles and regular cars. How can we prepare people for daily encounters with self-driving cars? How can we keep them safe in the period of great confusion? This project tries to link both service design and speculative design approaches to create a convincing future service scenario.

"The developed service concept is a new operating system feature – a pedestrian mode – which enables the connection between personal devices, autonomous vehicles, and pedestrian crossings. It increases pedestrian visibility to maximum, helps to smoothen the traffic flow and makes pedestrian behaviours predictable.

Using futures thinking methods, the dissertation aims to provoke discussion and thoughts about preferable futures for pedestrians in the age of driverless vehicles."

Follow Alicja on Twitter or view Alicja's portfolio site to find out more.

LCC Postgraduate Shows 2019: Show 2 takes place from 5 – 7 December.

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