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Graduate Voices: Amanda Aspeborg

Examples of type-led work.
  • Written byChloe Murphy
  • Published date 24 May 2022
Examples of type-led work.
Image credit: Amanda Aspeborg, designed with Domenic Lippa. Image courtesy of Pentagram.

The Postgraduate Certificate (PG Cert) Design for Visual Communication is an intensive, vocational route into the graphic design profession that also enables students to develop their own distinctive portfolio and the confidence to pursue further study.

Working across areas such as visual language and grammar, typographic hierarchy, graphic representation, identity and information visualisation, the PG Cert is home to a unique learning community, and attracts creatives from a range of diverse academic and professional backgrounds.

Through a mix of tutorials, projects, workshops and group discussions, they're supported to gain a deeper understanding of the design process in ways that enhance their practice.

Amanda Aspeborg

Swedish-born, Spanish-raised and London-based graphic designer Amanda Asperborg joined our Postgraduate Certificate Design for Visual Communication course in 2018.

Having achieved a First-Class Honours degree in Fine Art from Kingston University, she later decided to extend her creative practice further by exploring the graphic design landscape at LCC.

Since graduating in 2019, Amanda has gained experience in a number of leading studios including OPX and Charlie Smith Design, and now works as a Designer for the world’s largest independent design consultancy, Pentagram.

We chatted to Amanda about taking the plunge into a new creative specialism, the importance of freedom and support when developing new skills, and the impact of LCC on her creative journey so far.

Concept bag design for London Design Festival.
Work developed for London Design Festival 2021. Designed by Amanda Aspeborg with Domenica Lippa. Image courtesy of Pentagram.

Tell us about your creative practice.

My creative practice is still very much being formed, but I tend to specialise in branding, and often explore typographic approaches in my projects.

I also have a keen interest in editorial design, and am currently teaching myself the ins and outs of type design.

Have you always wanted to explore the field of design and visual communication, or was this an interest that grew more gradually?

It was definitely an interest that developed over time; however, I’ve always known I wanted to work in something creative.

I started off doing my BA in Fine Art at Kingston University, and then went on to work in a sculpture studio for a few years. It was my dream job when graduating, but I realised over time that it wasn’t quite what I wanted to do.

During the last year of my BA, I designed a book for a residency that I’d been on, and I remembered how much fun I had making it - and figured it might be something to try out. As I started the postgraduate course at LCC, I quickly realised that graphic design was something that was completely right for me.

Concept poster design for New Designers.
Work developed for leading London graduate show, New Designers. Designed by Amanda Aspeborg with Domenica Lippa. Image courtesy of Pentagram.

Why did you decide to apply to LCC, and what experience did you have of your subject before joining us?

I can honestly say - absolutely none. I think I was a bit wary that it was going to be something else that wasn’t 100% for me, but the flexibility of undertaking a 1-year course for 1 day a week allowed me to try it out while I could keep working job part time.

However, just a few weeks in, I realised that I loved it, decided to quit my job, and ended up spending as much time as I could at uni focusing on my studies.

What kind of projects did you get involved with throughout your time on your course?

So many different projects! Our first term was mostly focused on experimenting rather than creating a polished outcome. Our second term switched gear, and we started focusing on projects to build our portfolio.

My favourite project was probably our major project, Structure and the City. This was before Covid-times when you could just jump on a plane – I flew to Dessau to explore the golden ratios of Walter Gropius’ Bauhaus architecture.

Concept posters for London Design Festival.
Work developed for London Design Festival 2021. Designed by Amanda Aspeborg with Domenica Lippa. Image courtesy of Pentagram.

What did you most enjoy about your time at LCC?

I really liked the fact that we were treated as professional designers from the very beginning. Our tutor Tony Pritchard took it seriously, which meant that the rest of us followed suit. However, there was still a great freedom to explore, and we were pushed to do the best we could in a very encouraging environment.

I also really enjoyed all of the extra classes you could sign up for. I tried techniques like screen printing, coding, 3D printing and so many more.

As with most things, the more you put into the course, the more you get out of it.

What have you been up since graduating?

Just after graduation, I spent a year at different studios doing internships. After getting in touch with Domenic Lippa at Pentagram, I was offered a placement there, which then turned into a longer freelance gig. I got to work on some great projects, including Circular 21, the 2021 identity for the London Design Festival and New Designers.

When Harry Pearce needed someone to join his team at the end of last year, Dom recommended me and I’ve been there ever since. I’m currently working on some very fun rebrands, which are due to be rolled out at the end of this summer!

Image features examples of typographic design work.
Image credit: Amanda Aspeborg, designed with Domenic Lippa. Image courtesy of Pentagram.

How did your time at LCC help to shape your creative practice and your career?

Without LCC I definitely wouldn’t be where I am now. It helped me create a great work ethic, and developed a small interest into something I’m really passionate about.

What are your tips to other prospective students who may be interested in studying on the PG Cert?

If you’re thinking of doing it - do it! It’s such a great course.

Throughout my professional life since graduating, I’ve ended up working with quite a few fellow LCC postgraduates from different years, and we all agree it was such a life-changing experience.

You’ll learn lots, have so much fun and meet some great friends.

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