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Vincent Doré

MA Design Management and Cultures graduate
London College of Communication
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Vincent  Doré


Vincent graduated from MA Design Management and Cultures (now called MA Design Management) in 2018.


Why did you choose to study MA Design Management?
Following my degree in product and retail design, I knew exactly what I wanted to do professionally. After studying retail design, the company I was working for gave me the opportunity to work in their in-house art direction department. To improve the skills I had learnt in practice, I decided to improve my management and art direction skills, with a stronger focus on the theory.

What inspired you to conduct your final project around the Pinterest Effect?
Through my studies, I’ve always been fascinated by diversity and creations from other cultures. Being a mix between French and Seychelles, diversity has always been part of my education. However, due to the rise of the public debate about cultural appropriation, it felt important for me to investigate the topic in depth. As this topic is so important within the creative industry, I wanted to conduct this research in order to create an outcome that could benefit the wider creative community.

What did you most enjoy about studying MA Design Management?
The diversity of students that come from all around the world, each with different professional backgrounds. By discovering different cultural approaches and habits, we have all been able to understand how our vision can impact and be perceived from different angles by others, which is a great learning in terms of creativity and tolerance.

What was the most valuable lesson you learnt on the course?
One of the most valuable lessons gained from studying the course was the introduction the analysis of design strategies and branding techniques. It was a way to discover in a wider perspective different ways of approaching design strategies and to make it relevant to a specific context. Showing how design managers, creative directors, and strategist work hand in hand with the marketing departments in order to achieve an objective in the best possible way.

If you had to sum up your LCC experience in 3 words, what would they be?
Creativity, autonomy and network

Why would you recommend MA Design Management to prospective students?
I would definitely recommend the MA Design Management course to anyone wanting to improve their skills in design strategies and art direction. It’s a great opportunity for someone who has already completed work experience and would like to perfect their skills. It’s also important to highlight the fact that this course enables you to link both creativity and management, which is nowadays a crucial skill to have in order to succeed in the work environment.

What have you been up to since graduating?
After graduation, I had the opportunity to join a branding and packaging company where i take part in structural design and retail projects for luxury brands. However, thanks to MA Design Management and Cultures, I can now extend my field of experience to design strategy, creating bridges between my designer's skills and forward / critical thinking that are required in branding.

Image credit (left): Gaukhar Aliyeva

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