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Tereza Pavlíčková

Associate Lecturer, Communications and Media Programme
London College of Communication
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Tereza  Pavlíčková


Tereza Pavlíčková is an Associate Lecturer on the Communications and Media Programme at London College of Communication.

Tereza is a researcher, interested in the study of media audiences and digital media users. She enquires into people’s understanding and use of media and the role that media has in people’s everyday lives. Her work primarily focuses on sense-making practices as an inherent part of media consumption, and the mutual dynamics of agency and structure in audiences’ relations to (digital) media.

Tereza's PhD research project asks how people understand authors – the complexity of productive practices behind a text – and how this is brought up and reflected in their understanding and use of media. In her other research work, Tereza investigates the everyday digital media uses that are increasingly productive, yet still interpretative acts.

Tereza brings to the classroom her research experiences, encouraging students to interrogate that which is taken for granted; to question their personal experiences with media, and critically reflect on the complexity of these experiences. An ability to formulate an inquiry, reach for appropriate methods, and answer the questions analytically and critically based on the gathered data, are skills that are transferable beyond the domain of (academic) social research.

Tereza originally trained and worked as a journalist before returning to academia. She holds a Masters' in Research in Media and Communication from Goldsmiths University. She has been an active member of the academic research community for almost a decade, working on multiple collaborative research projects and being a member of research networks, (CEDAR: Audiences, towards 2030. Priorities for audience analysis; COST: Transforming audiences, transforming societies).

Tereza is a member of the European Communication and Research Association (ECREA), and she was a member of the association’s Executive Board and vice-chair of the Young Scholars’ Network (YECREA).

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