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Tanya Singh

MA Illustration and Visual Media student
London College of Communication
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Tanya  Singh


Tanya is a current student on MA Illustration and Visual Media at London College of Communication.


Why did you decide to study MA Illustration and Visual Media?
Postgraduate study allows you to build on what you learnt during undergraduate study in order to turn out as a well-rounded, holistic, creative practitioner who can locate their practice in the larger context of the professional world.

I studied an undergraduate degree in graphic design, but discovered my inclination towards illustration through this course. Therefore, I decided to pursue MA Illustration and Visual Media. The course is all about illustration but very open to what illustration can mean with respect to an individual’s practice, which may entail different media.

What has been the highlight of the course so far?
I think the highlight of the course has been, what we call, the “bitesize sessions”. These sessions include artist talks from contemporary creatives, visiting exhibitions and watching or reading material that may prove to be an influence on our current projects.

The artist talks have featured some of the most intriguing people in the industry. My personal favourite was Theresa Adebiyi Creative Marketing Manager at Ninja Tune. These talks are particularly fruitful as the respective artists discuss their creative processes and experiences with common things like artist’s block.

What is the most valuable lesson you’ve learnt on the course so far?
Trusting your instincts and researching/learning through actively making.

How do you find the facilities available to you at London College of Communication?
The College has some of the finest facilities, especially for print making. They’re in prime condition. From laser cutting equipment, wood workshops to a meticulously maintained letter press room, there are far too many facilities not to be missed out on.

What are your plans for the future?
This course has opened my mind to multiple career options. Being an artist, creative director, researcher, teacher; the opportunities seem endless at this point. My plans for the future entail being a freelance artist.

Why would you recommend MA Illustration and Visual Media to prospective students?
This course opens your mind to new perspectives on illustration and how the use of various media is transforming illustration in the contemporary world. It allows you to explore and expand your practice to develop your own niche. Most of all, it is a super fun course with the coolest, most talented course team, who help you achieve exactly what you would like to do!

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