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Dr. Paul Caplan

Course Leader, MA Advertising
London College of Communication
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Paul  Caplan


Dr Paul Caplan is a photographer, journalist, editor, consultant, teacher and the Course Leader for MA Advertising at London College of Communication.

Paul has a wide range of experience working in newsrooms, schools, universities and inside the UK government.

Paul took magazines online in the (first) dotcom boom, and advised clients ranging from the NHS to Airbus on their social media strategies. He’s written for lawyers and marketing directors, as well as his PhD examiner, philosopher Tim Morton.

Paul is currently Course Leader for MA Advertising at LCC where, together with Dr Cui Su who previously headed the MA in Advertising, he’s building courses rooted in a particular view of practice-research he calls "practice hyphen research” – using practice to answer the sorts of research the advertising industry is asking today.

As for his own research, he’s exploring imagining and imaging, what he calls "Imag(in)ing”, and the remix cultures we all engage in on our mobile and wearable devices.

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