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Marit Muenzberg

Lecturer in Editorial Practices, BA (Hons) Graphic and Media Design
London College of Communication
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Marit  Muenzberg


Marit is a Lecturer in Editorial Practices on the BA (Hons) Graphic and Media Design course at London College of Communication. She is a freelance graphic designer, researcher and educator.

While teaching at the LCC for over 20 years, Marit has also taught in various other institutions, including Middlesex University, The Interactive Design Institute, University of Hertfordshire, University for the Creative Arts Farnham and Ravensbourne University.

Her practice as a freelance graphic designer takes content, research and collaboration as its foundation to develop her work. Her clients include various publishing houses such as Ridinghouse and Sternberg Press, galleries such as the Drawing Room, The Modern Institute and Haunch of Venison and artists such as Anya Gallaccio and Hayley Tompkins.

Marit has a deep-rooted interest in art and critical theory, both of which underline her thinking and design practise contextually. She consolidated her interest by completing an MA in Contemporary Art Theory with distinction from Goldsmiths University.

Aside from that she is fascinated with psychotherapy and neuroscience, at the moment in particular whole brain creativity and how self-compassion can support our thinking and learning.

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