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David King

Course Leader, MA Games Design
London College of Communication
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David  King


David King is a games designer, developer, researcher, and educator, and is the Course Leader for MA Games Design and a Lecturer for BA (Hons) Games Design at London College of Communication.

As a designer, David aims for small elegant systems which create an emergent sense of playfulness between objects, people and themselves. As an indie developer, he experiments in a broad range of mediums – looking at board games, digital games, games as installations and pen and paper role-play.

David has a BSc (Hons) in Mechanical Engineering, a MSc in Advanced Product Design Engineering and a Doctorate in Swarm Robotics, focusing on cooperative object recognition. In the past he has taught physical computing and interaction design which has had an influenced on the way he looks at Games Design as a subject.

His research focuses on the methods games use to communicate mechanics and systems to the player, be this a breakdown of rules for board games or systems of state transitions and feedback in digital games. The overall aim of his teaching is to create a sense of community and a space for people to experiment with the possibilities of what games can be. In game design and development he notes the importance of iterating effectively.

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