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Émilie Loiseleur

Associate Lecturer, BA (Hons) Graphic and Media Design/MA Graphic Branding and Identity
London College of Communication
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Émilie  Loiseleur


Emilie Loiseleur is a designer, educator and Associate Lecturer on BA (Hons) Graphic and Media Design. She also teaches on MA Graphic Branding and Identity at London College of Communication.

With a background in graphic design, she holds a Master’s degree in Information Experience Design from the Royal College of Art. Her work spans many disciplines; from spatial design, installation and set design, to printed matter and moving image.

Her personal research focuses on using spatial and communication design as narrative tools. Employing physical and digital fabrication techniques, as well as investigative methods, Emilie's interests lie in the semiotics of space. Her work explores ways to represent an absence, a mistake, a story about a place that is either nonexistent, overlooked, or somehow inaccessible to outsiders.

Often research-led and critically engaged her self initiated work has led her to collaborate with artists, designers, architects and chefs, stretching the limits of design and taking the form of installations, publications, dining experiences and events.

Emilie has worked for a range of cultural and commercial clients, including independent fashion labels (Wool and the Gang), museums (Tropenmuseum), choreographers (Ballet Julien Lestel), architects (Aka Architects), global brands (Liberty London) and schools (St Pauls).

She has also exhibited in galleries in London (Acava Gallery, Project Works), Nottingham (Dark Dark wood Theatre) and Barcelona (Sonar +D).

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Instagram: @em_____lo