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Where We Stand // LCC MA Photojournalism and Documentary Photography Online 2014

London College of Communication
London College of Communication
Monica Alcazar-Duarte, […]
Written by
Helen Carney
Published date
02 May 2014

Twenty-one international photographers and filmmakers studying on the online version of LCC’s MA Photojournalism and Documentary Photography course will be opening their graduation show on Thursday 8 May 2014.

The exhibition of bold, innovative and challenging still images, entitled ‘Where We Stand’, will showcase the work of students from thirteen different countries. With ten out of twenty-one students working with film, for the first time at LCC a gallery space will be dedicated solely to the medium.

In the show these talented photojournalists and documentary photographers make the collective observation that where we stand, on the issues of our time and history, is always relational. It is rarely a photograph alone that compels us, rather the connection that photograph has to its subject, a time and a place, and to us as its audience. Knowing where others stand informs where we stand.

Much of the work in this exhibition is a study of transition. Many of the people pictured are caught between states, homes, or cultures. The other connective thread is a very strong attachment to a sense of place. We are vividly transported to the ‘where’ of Mexico, Brazil, the Caucasus, as well as to the landscapes of Metroland, Touristville and the country of the past.

London College of Communication

‘Your Photographs Could Be Used By Drug Dealers’, Monica Alcazar-Duarte, 2014

The dynamic show will include a fluid installation of hanging light-boxes by Monica Alcazar Duarte; a unique study of perspective and meaning in the neighbouring towns of her native Mexico. Ross Paxton takes us through the tourist’s view of the UK, aboard various sightseeing tours, observing the creation of history-in-the-present as he travels. We will also meet Gary O’Connor in ‘Beneath the Wind’ by Gerry Fox, as we follow the unusual and highly personal story of an expat in Borneo.

Senior Lecturer Max Houghton says; “It’s a pleasure to be involved with a group of such imaginative, talented and hardworking photographers and film-makers, who in taking their personal experience as a starting point, seek to understand the convulsions of the world and its peoples. They will no doubt help to shape the future of storytelling.”

LCC MA Photojournalism & Documentary Photography Online Final Show
Private View
: Thursday 8 May 6-9pm
Exhibition Open: 9 – 17 May 10am-5pm (closed Sunday)
Venue: London College of Communication, Elephant & Castle
On the evening of the private view there will be a showreel of film work in the Well Gallery at 7.45pm.


‘Beneath The Wind’, Gerry Fox, 2014


‘Beneath The Wind’, Gerry Fox, 2014


‘A General History Of Timeless Landscapes’, Ross Paxton, 2014


‘A General History Of Timeless Landscapes’, Ross Paxton, 2014

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