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Summer Shows 2015 // Spotlight on BA (Hons) Book Arts & Design and BA (Hons) Surface Design

Miriam Bridson3
Miriam Bridson3

Written by
Helen Carney
Published date
17 June 2015

The School of Design Summer Show opens with a Private View on Thursday 18 June and features courses including BA (Hons) Book Arts Design and BA (Hons) Surface Design.

For both of these courses this year’s Summer Show will be the last time they exhibit in the College in their current format. To celebrate the work of the talented students and graduates from these courses we’re previewing some of the exciting work that will be on display this year.

Miriam Bridson1

Miriam Bridson, 2015.

Inette Goossens from BA (Hons) Book Arts and Design has built an eight phase backlit lantern show based on the ancient myth of the Moon Rabbit, with the eight sections symbolising the eight phases of the moon.

Inette Goossens - Moon Rabbit

Inette Goossens, ‘Moon Rabbit’, 2015.

Inette hopes that this abstract version of a book will appeal to children but also form a link to traditional storytelling and ancient cultural artefacts. The illustrations have been hand cut and the subtle back lighting is intended to give them with a dream like quality which links to the mystical power of ancient folklore.

Criosa McCormick has been working with the idea of the value of art. In her piece ‘£689.15’ she has been buying a lottery ticket every day for a number of weeks. From these tickets she has created enlarged copies in screen printed form. If she wins the print is in black and white, if she loses the print is in colour.

Cri Mcormick - £689.15.

Cri Mcormick, ‘£689.15’, 2015.

She has built a display and book from the prints and they tell the story of the gambling. The price for the work is £689.15. This includes the prize money from winning tickets and the labour charge and cost of materials for the printing. The resulting piece questions the material value of creative endeavour.

Miriam Bridson3

Miriam Bridson, 2015.

Miriam Bridson7

Miriam Bridson, 2015.

Miriam Bridson has maintained a passion for drawing, pattern making and hand printing throughout her time at the College. To celebrate the final year of BA (Hons) Surface Design, Miriam used the College surroundings as a theme around which she based her work. She explains: “found items, patterns, line and the shape in the lighting, equipment, stairwells, flooring and windows all offered an exciting starting point for initial observations and research. It is from this that my final collections were developed and created.”


Mahla Raphael, 2015.


The surface design work this year is incredibly varied, with Mahla Raphael’s series of textile and paper prints inspired by her daily dog walks in Peckham Rye Park. Katie Greenwood’s collection of wallpapers which are inspired by research into underwater plant life and Anna Maria’s collection of retro printed swimsuits and scarves.


Mahla Raphael, 2015.


Katie Greenwood, 2015.


Anna Maria, 2015


Anna Maria, 2015.

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