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Spotlight On: Adrian Gongora Lopez, MA Visual Effects – LCC Postgraduate Shows 2019

Computer animated female-looking alien creature points a gun as she walks down a futuristic corridor
Computer animated female-looking alien creature points a gun as she walks down a futuristic corridor
Image © Adrian Gongora Lopez
Written by
Jake May
Published date
02 December 2019

Students from MA Visual Effects will be exhibiting an array of innovative and boundary-pushing projects to prospective employers, industry, the public, and friends and family, as part of LCC Postgraduate Shows 2019.

The course will be showing in LCC Postgraduate Shows 2019: Show 2 alongside students across graphic design, film, data visualisation, games design, branding, virtual reality and more, with a Launch Event on 4 December and exhibiting from 5 – 7 December.

Get an idea of what to expect at LCC Postgraduate Shows 2019 as we shine a spotlight on just a handful of the projects set to go on show from the next generation of leading creatives spanning the always-evolving disciplines of design, media and screen...

Adrian Gongora Lopez

The Getaway

In Adrian's words...

"Virtual Production aims to remove the barriers between live production and visual effects so that they can occur simultaneously instead of inline. This project is a cinematic sequence that implements techniques like Motion Capture, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality to allow the creators to make changes on-set; this is especially relevant for film creation where any change during the production can take days and increase the costs, limiting the creative choices. This implementation of the game engines in the film production pipeline is thriving in the industry, although the most of Virtual Production teams are still experimental and they are still in development, VP will be a standard in the near future."

Follow Adrian on Instagram or view Adrian's website to find out more.

LCC Postgraduate Shows 2019: Show 2 takes place from 5 – 7 December.

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