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Spotlight on MA Interaction Design Communication, Design Management and Cultures and Service Design Innovation // LCC Postgraduate Shows 2016

If Only I Had a Heart by Josh Kwan
If Only I Had a Heart by Josh Kwan
‘Point’ by Josh Kwan
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29 November 2016

Launching this week, LCC Postgraduate Shows 2016 continues into December when Design School students will exhibit from 5-10 December, with the Private View on Tuesday 6 December, 6-9pm.

The work will span gallery and showcase spaces here at LCC. We preview some of the highlights from MA Interaction Design Communication, Design Management and Cultures and Service Design Innovation.

MA Interaction Design Communication

Exploring the intersection of physical and digital domains of design, the course focuses on design prototyping, digital processes and user perspectives. Work on show from this course includes:

An interrogation of ‘smart’ technology…

Peek by Josh Kwan

‘Peek’ by Josh Kwan

Just how smart is smart technology? Joshua Kwan offers a playful interrogation of how modern terminology – smart, cloud and virtual reality – impacts on user expectations of technology. Through a series of interactive dysfunctional objects that play upon technological metaphors, Joshua explores whether users believe that technologies possess non-existent super-qualities.

Joshua’s project, If Only I Had A Heart, includes Pulse, a smart wearable which reacts to guilt and calms down upon being gently squeezed, Point a file sharing device that can upload and download files by pointing at clouds in the sky, and Peek, a headset that traverses the virtual world and real world through the left and right eyes.

Doodles transformed into symphonies…

People interacting with Shiki-On

Shiki-On by Miyu Hayashi

Interaction designer, Miyu Hayashi, presents Shiki-On, an experimental art and music installation which makes music-making and composition accessible to all.

Shiki-On is a game which creates music through the process of creating an image by running doodles through a music-making machine. The game encourages interaction and experimentation with drawing and sound. The project was a huge hit at Somerset House’s #NowPlayThis as part of London Games Festival earlier this year.

Modern communication made simple for elderly people…

ePostbox by Shafqat Mehmood

ePostbox prototype by Shafqat Mehmood

ePostBox by Shafqat Mehmood provides a super simple interface for elderly people who are afraid of using available communication technologies or do not know how to use modern devices because of the complexity involved in using them.

ePostBox offers a communication solution for our ageing population making it easier to communicate with children and loved ones without worrying about complicated technologies and interfaces present today.

MA Design Management and Cultures

The course combines academic study with creative and professional practice, in a project-led curriculum which draws on a range of business and art perspectives. Students develop high-level leadership skills for careers in the creative industries. Work featuring in the shows includes:

A formula for designing creative public events…

other-smashCombining this hands-on design management work experience and academic research conducted as part of his course, Tari Eguruze has built a methodology to support institutions in developing creative events for the public.

At the LCC Postgraduate Shows he presents a framework to design and deliver an engaging experience to a target audience, with some interesting analyses of the product/service value and the impact of venue, interior and event programme on the overall attendee experience.

His project also showcases the outcomes of his role as Design Manager for small start-up organisation London Graphic Novel Network and the delivery of its flagship event S.M.A.S.H a comic, graphic, and novel talkfest hosted at the Barbican Centre.

Read Tari’s blog post for more info.

More meaningful social media strategies to remedy consumer apathy…

Though social media has fast become a powerful media for companies to interact with consumers across the world, Lilian Avila Miranda‘s research identifies that many consumers are developing apathy towards brands and advertising.

Her project, Blá Blah Bla considers the pros and cons of using to social media to build relationships with consumers, and demonstrates the importance of brands developing better social media strategies with more meaningful and less stereotypical content. Through an analysis of UK companies’ behaviour on social media, interviews with industry and the perspectives of social media users, Blá Blah Bla aims to create a discussion between the market and the user to improve communication and regain trust.

MDes Service Design Innovation

This course applies design as a strategic process to problem-solve and innovate services from a human-centred perspective. The emphasis on team-working and cross-fertilisation of ideas prepares students for the working world and stimulates creativity. This year’s work includes:

An app to reduce food waste and save money…

SmartBag by Rodrigo Maia Goncalves

SmartBag by Rodrigo Maia Goncalves

Rodrigo Maia Goncalves‘ SmartBag is an intuitive platform that enables people to better manage food in their homes in order to reduce waste and save money. Through interviews, user diaries and online surveys Rodrigo’s work identifies that London residents are wasting food due to the lack of awareness of the food items stocked at home. SmartBag mobile app provides reminders when products are soon to expire and suggests recipes based on what is available at home.

A vision for improved healthcare service experience…

Sangjin (Justin) Woo‘s service design project HOPEspital addresses the impact medical accidents are having on levels of trust between patients and clinicians. In South Korea, the increasing number of malpractice lawsuits indicates that hostility and distrust between patients and clinicians is on the rise, having both a social and economical effect.

HOPESpital suggests a new healthcare service experience aiming to prevent malpractice and medical dispute, whilst better understanding the needs of stakeholders in order to build mutual trust between patients and clinicians.

To experience these works and many more:

Postgraduate Shows 2016: Design School

London College of Communication, Elephant and Castle, SE1 6SB

Private View: Tuesday 6 December, 6-9pm RSVP

Exhibition open: Monday 5 December – Saturday 10 December

Mon-Fri 11am-7pm

Sat-Sun 10am-4pm

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