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Spotlight on MA Illustration & Visual Media – LCC Postgraduate Shows 2017

Black Mountain
Black Mountain
Black Mountain
Written by
Jake May
Published date
29 November 2017

Using drawing as a way to see, explore and think, students on the MA Illustration & Visual Media course course develop a critical practice that reflects the challenges and possibilities facing contemporary image making.

Working with sequential, interactive, narrative and time-based forms, this year’s students exhibit at the LCC Postgraduate Shows 2017: Show 2 and showcase a range of media as diverse as digital animation, photography, drawing and printmaking.

We highlight some of the projects on show…

Jochen Viegener

Who am I as a Visual Practitioner?

Who am I as a Visual Practitioner? By Jochen Viegener

My project follows the concept of visualising my design and image making process by exploring it through the use of different crafts and mark making tools. This includes the use of hands-on crafts such as relief printing as well as sewing, patchwork and quilting. The concept originates from my thesis writing which deals with the question of who am I as a visual practitioner. My final major project is a visualisation of my findings, outcomes and aspirations.

Lingzhi Zhu

‘I was imaging the weirdness in the universe, I thought I was hallucinating.’

Black Mountain

My practice mainly focuses on illustration, installation and moving image, which explores
the unknown things that are transformed on the occasion into the real surroundings. It is a momentary
sense of reality, meaning the best way to create the sense is to visit the work in the present.
I was imaging the weirdness in the universe, I thought I was hallucinating (2017), the idea is that the
human experience is simply a simulation of reality, and we’re unable to discern whether we’re truly
living in reality or not.

Influenced by futurism movies, mythical stories and daily life, my focus is on
natural materials, archives and objects from different dimensions. The retrofuturistic aesthetic that I
employed for this series is a way for me to express the relationship between our modern society and
our future society. My ultimate goal is to make people consider our lifestyles and living environments
today and how it’ll affect the future.

Yanjun Yu

You do not have to be there 

You do not have to be there, but you must have the courage to go there and remember the pleasure
of going there. I view the world and then present my cognition of objects through images – painting
and photography. Images have a life of their own, I leave them alone and do not speak about them
too much. I convert my role from time to time. Yes, I am an image-maker, I CAN create fantastic
images, but I choose not to because I also perform.

The seemingly useless stuff in my life is like DNA code embedded within every cell of my body, ultimately determining the ground-breaking expression in physical, environmental and cultural conditions. My work, to a very considerable extent, is ME. Images will break down if they distinguish between art and life. I carry pure energy with purity of
purpose then go into the creation of my work. I enjoy what I am doing and would like to enable the audience to enjoy it as well. The ultimate beauty is hidden in the process. Sometimes the intangible is the most tangible reality.

Yuqing Guo

Hide and Seek in Forest

Yuqing Guo, Hide and Seek in Forest

Hide and Seek in Forest is a wordless picture book which describes a story of self cognition and self-seeking in a mysterious and fantasy forest by experimenting with the use of mixed-media collage in visual communication, which conveys my respect and awe of forest. In addition, the group of interactive installations links with the odd story in book, showing more parts of this fantasy forest.

In this project I attempt to explore the forest aesthetics through three gradations: the simple beauty of
the primitive forest; the emotional and spiritual value of forest; and the philosophical understanding of
the harmonious relationship between human and nature, which represent the embodiment of Utopian

Ziwei Ye

My first day in London

My first day in London by Ziwei Ye

My first day in London was full of surprise and anxious, I have experienced too many new things and
too much information in that day. I believe memory could be the past tense, or it could be the present
even the future. This day became the start point of my life in London, as well as the metaphor of my
further personal experience and emotion status.

The objects in my installation came from the most important parts of my first day memories, and the
video create the context from my personal vision. Although I am trying to share my personal feeling to
people who are not familiar with me, they could be familiar with the feeling when they spent their first
days in the totally new places. Then for now, we could share the fear and excitement together.

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