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Spotlight on MA Design Management and Cultures – LCC Postgraduate Shows 2018


Written by
Dayna McAlpine
Published date
04 December 2018

MA Design Management and Cultures is unique in its interdisciplinary and holistic approach to creative professional practice and draws on a spectrum of business and arts perspectives.

The project-led curriculum covers all stages of design management from concept, research, ideation and innovation to actionable deliverables. The students develop multi-faceted design management skills and cultural empathy for human-centric, future facing design in business and society.

This year’s exhibition, LCC Postgraduate Shows 2018: Show 2, 5th – 8th December 2018, will feature a wide range of socially aware design projects in a variety of media, each underpinned by dissertations explaining the theory and practice behind the resolution of their projects.

Here we shine a spotlight on some of projects on show…

Iacopo Fincato

‘Breaking Borders’

‘Breaking Borders is an investigation of determinant elements to run an Italian food business that promotes regional cultures to scale up the London food market. The research produced a design framework to create an effective strategy as well as providing essential strategic tips to be competitive in London.

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Roselle Sabrina Riley-Daly

‘Building awareness for renewable energy to create sustainable initiatives in Trinidad and Tobago’

‘This projects aim is to create a sustainable marketing campaign to build awareness and highlight the benefits of energy efficiency and renewable energy in Trinidad and Tobago to contribute towards the alleviation of the country’s economic problems.’

Find Roselle on LinkedIn.

Pallavi Datta

‘Love in the time of Swipe Right’

‘This project attempts to highlight the importance of re-imagining the dating app landscape by proposing speculative possibilities that pushes the designer to think in a more non linear way in this technologically saturated landscape.’

María José Contreras

‘BRIDGE: Connecting Young Consumers with Small Sustainable Brands’

‘BRIDGE is a conceptual prototype that aims to close the gap that currently exists between young consumers and sustainable brands. Powered by machine learning, this app is the outcome of 15 months worth of investigation on the communication of sustainability in the fashion industry.’