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Spotlight on BA (Hons) Photojournalism and Documentary Photography – LCC Degree Shows 2017

Fanni Sutus, Diamond Tales
Fanni Sutus, Diamond Tales
Fanni Sutus, Fanni Sutus, Diamond Tales
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17 May 2017
From newsworthy events and long term reportage to documenting social issues, BA (Hons) Photojournalism and Documentary Photography gives students an in-depth insight into the field of photojournalism and documentary photography. With an emphasis on work-related learning, students cover issues and people that affect the news today, producing quality photographic work to global industry standards.

Graduating students from the course are exhibiting as part of LCC Degree Shows 2017: Media School, alongside students from BA (Hons) Advertising, BA (Hons) Journalism and BA (Hons) Photography.

Here, we shine a spotlight on some of the students exhibiting in the show.

Veronica Otero

‘Bedouin of Palestine: People of the Desert’

Veronica Otero’s ‘Bedouin of Palestine: People of the Desert’ is an intimate insight into the daily life of the Al-Rashaydeh tribe, located in the wilderness of the Jordan Valley in the occupied West Bank.

Fanni Sutus

‘Diamond Tales’

Fanni Sutus explores the world of Beauty Pageants. We’ve seen them, we know them – or do we? Discovering this unique world through an objective documentary photo study, Fanni seeks to provide an alternative perspective on beauty pageantries.

Joseph Jackson

‘Colourful Murder’

Colourful Murder…bright, beautiful and barbaric. Land that’s witnessed unthinkable acts, changing the face of their existence forever. Joseph Jackson’s project involves altering the HUE of images with the victim’s age, embedding frozen time within the location and revealing the truth behind such places that can’t be seen with the human eye.

Waheed Khan

‘All that glitters is not Dahab’

Waheed Khan’s work documents the effects of the decline in tourism in Egypt which began with the violence of the 2011 ‘Revolution’, followed by the ousting of the Muslim Brotherhood government by the military in 2013. Abandoned hotels and the shells of new builds are monuments to the fall in tourism and greed of over-development. Waheed’s work explores the lack of tourism in Dahab alongside themes of social, political and economic repression.

Lewis Inman

‘The Burmese Muay Thai Trial’

Ramon is knocked to the ground after taking a hard hit to the face. There was no use of gloves in this fight – just the traditional hemp hand wraps – which is not seen so much in Thailand anymore. Lewis Inman’s work documents the story of children who risk their lives travelling from Myanmar to Thailand in order to earn twice the adult daily minimum wage in their own country.

Mon A.R. Levchenkova


Mon Levchenkova has documented themes of adulthood and memory, shedding light on some of the colourful characters that live in Hampstead today.

Matilde Corno

‘FM 105,4’

Entering the realm of magic, Matilde Corno’s project is for those who believe; for the ones that can go beyond the appearance and feel the energy; for those who in front of someone saying “I’m a with” don’t start laughing but smile and listen.