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Our favourite Instagram posts at LCC: March 2018

March Instagram Posts
March Instagram Posts

Written by
Jake May
Published date
12 April 2018

As a Design, Media and Screen School, our students and staff aren’t shy of sharing on social media – with hundreds of photos taken at LCC posted on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook each week.

We decided to round-up some of our favourite posts on Instagram from the past month, from photos of our buildings and the Elephant & Castle peninsula to images of our classrooms in the evening light, snaps of our facilities and shots of work by our talented students.

Take a look at some of our Instagram highlights from March 2018…

These snaps of the range of traditional and modern facilities available to our students:


Digitally 3D printing lace prototype.

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These stunning shots from around the building:


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Views from LCC:


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that one photo from the tower block: snow edition

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London diaries, February 2018.

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These snapshots of student work in progress:


Ten Ten y Caicai vilu – etching, steel plate, black ink. . Chiloé legend – Thousands of years ago, what is now the Chiloé province was once one contiguous landmass with continental Chile. One day Caicai Vilu appeared and flooded the lowlands, valleys, and mountains, submerging all the flora and fauna. Without delay, Ten Ten Vilu appeared to start a confrontation, elevating the land and protecting it from disaster. The battle persisted for a long time. Ten Ten Vilu reached a costly victory, winning the battle, but was unable to restore the land to its primeval state leaving it in the dismembered form it still has today. . #mapuche #mapuchelegend #chile #chileanlegend #chiloe #tentenycaicaivilu #etching #steelplateetching #traditionalprint #print #illustration #illustrator #art #drawing #artist #artwork #instaart #pencil #painting #ink #creative #design #storytelling #legend #ual

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