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News // MA Graphic Design graduate nominated for AOI Illustration Award


Written by
Helen Carney
Published date
19 May 2014

Beatriz Sanches, an MA Graphic Design graduate, has been nominated for an AOI Illustration Award. The Awards are the most comprehensive and highest profile illustration awards in the UK, promoting exceptional work from illustrators who together are a major force in global visual culture.

With the results due to be announced at the end of the month, we caught up with Beatriz to find out more.

“Being shortlisted for an AOI has been amazing for me! Whilst I am apprehensive to hear the final results, I am mainly just very happy to have been part of a group so full of amazing people! I heard about this award last year when I visited the AOI award exhibition at the Somerset House and discovered there that they had a New Talent category to which I could submit my project. It was quite a surprise to be shortlisted, especially because my primary background was not illustration but graphic design. It is such an honour to be among so many talented artists in the field.”

Beatriz explains: “At LCC the focus of my course was graphic design; illustration was something that I discovered during the researching processes in the MA. Towards the end of my time at LCC I realised that it really interested me as a tool, allowing me to communicate in a very personal way. I ended up doing my graduation project based on handmade illustrations. Since then I’ve been studying further and specialising in it. Currently I’m exploring illustration as one of my main mediums.”

Style: "P 45 Product - Ultra sharp"

Beatriz’s project, ‘My London for You’, is a small handmade edition of a postcard city guide book. It celebrates a cultural and very personal view of London and aims to encourage people to exchange experiences by using non-digital methods of communication such as handwritten notes, drawings and stamps. It is printed in Risograph, handmade, bound and self-published.

‘My London for You’ is now in its third edition and can be found in several shops around London.

Style: "P 45 Product - Ultra sharp"

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