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London College of Communication Associate Lecturers make a splash with Wet Sounds


Written by
Helen Carney
Published date
11 March 2018

London College of Communication Associate Lecturer in Sound Arts and Design (and BA alumnus) Matthias Kispert recently performed new compositions as part of underwater concert series ‘Wet Sounds’ at Ironmonger Row Baths, Islington.

Created, performed and curated by Joel Cahen, another LCC Associate Lecturer in Sound Arts and Design and fellow BA alumnus, ‘Wet Sounds’ is an underwater sound art gallery. Touring swimming pools, it presents a deep listening experience to a floating and diving audience in the water.

The participants are fully immersed in sound and are free to move weightlessly in the sound space. Two separate sound systems present listeners with different audio experiences above and beneath the surface, so they can move between the two just by lifting their heads out of the water.

Speaking to Tom Bateman for Radio 4’s Today programme, Joel explained:

“Sound travels four-and-a-half times quicker underwater, so it sounds very immediate and very clear. The way the sound works is it conducts through the bone of your skull, so actually you hear it through your inner ear. It sounds like it’s coming from inside your head – it’s very immersive”.

Listen to the Today programme clip.

The series is kindly supported by Arts Council England, Creative Scotland, Sound and Music and CRiSAP.

Group above water

Copyright Joel Cahen

Group underwater

Copyright Joel Cahen

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