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LCC Postgraduate Shows 14 // Spotlight on MA Contemporary Typographic Media and MA Graphic Branding and Identity

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Written by
Helen Carney
Published date
03 December 2014

We’ve had a fantastic time celebrating the achievements of students from the School of Media during the past couple of weeks, and now it’s time to look ahead to the School of Design show opening very soon.

The School of Design postgraduate courses have been brought together in one place with the show opening on Monday 8 December, with a Private View on Tuesday 9 December from 6-9pm.

First up in our preview series is MA Contemporary Typographic Media, which explores the relationships that exist between visual communication and language.

Looking at word and image, message and audience, type and typography, students research their own areas of interest, develop practical and critical skills and become creative visual communicators.

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Rossouw Oosthuizen, MA Contemporary Typographic Media, 2014.

Students graduating this year include Rossouw Oosthuizen, whose project looks at the objects that we use every day and tries to understand how they affect our lives.

Rossouw focuses particularly on the idea of the ticket, and attempts to demonstrate ways in which the ticket can be used to add value to our travel experiences.

“In this everyday object lies a great number of opportunities to bring functional and emotional resonance to our everyday lives,” Rossouw explains.


Test print ‘Heavy Metal Typographies’, Marie Eyries, MA Contemporary Typographic Media, 2014.

Also exhibiting is Marie Eyries, who has investigated Music Typologies & Typographies: Language and Type in Record Covers of Heavy Metal and Electronica.

Marie analyses and documents the visual cues and grammar of typography in music design. The visual presentation of this data highlights how typography in album art leads the listeners and consumers to the music.

All Marie’s independent projects have centered on this crossroads between music and design, and she aims to become a designer of album artwork after graduating from LCC.

The School of Design show also features MA Graphic Branding and Identity, which challenges the meaning of graphic branding itself.

Driven by intelligent enquiry and evaluation, students explore the strategic thinking underlying brands and look at how that strategy can drive creative expression.


Nireesha Prakash, MA Graphic Branding and Identity, 2014.

Students include Nireesha Prakash who has been looking at how our deadline-driven work environments challenge us to be fast, but risk making us lose perspective in the process, taking a toll on our health, work and relationships.

Nireesha’s final project examines slowness and ways of encouraging philosophies of slowness – connection, focus, health and relaxation – in the workplace, specifically the banking industry.

Nireesha’s brand ‘Slowup’ aims to make the best performers better by challenging the cult of speed.

The brand uses secrecy and exclusiveness in response to the psychology of bankers.

An interwoven calendar depicts each hour of the month, and the only way to use it is to unwind the thread connecting the hours one page at a time (see above). Another calendar uses the capillary action of ink to slowly reveal a message.


‘Haze’, Giulia Lunardi, MA Graphic Branding and Identity, 2014.

Also showing work is Giulia Lunardi, whose project ‘Haze’ explores how social media negatively interact with the urban environment and change our perception of it.

Finding that a change of perspective helped her relate to urban spaces in a more relaxed and enjoyable way, Giulia created a small kit encouraging them to see how ironic seeing the world through a filter can be.

‘Haze Sightseer’ symbolises our point of view, limited to a five-inch screen. ‘Haze Memo’ represents the multitude of social media messages we receive every day but is also a detox aid, and ‘Haze Filter-it Kit’ humorously underlines the oddness of looking at the world through a lens rather than experiencing it directly.

If you want to directly experience this incredible School of Design show, catch it before Saturday 13 December.

School of Design: MA Contemporary Typographic Media, MA Graphic Branding and Identity, MA Graphic Design, MA Graphic Moving Image, MDes Service Design Innovation, PGCert/PGDip Design for Visual Communication
Exhibition open: Monday 8 – Saturday 13 December
Private View: Tuesday 9 December 6-9pm
RSVP for Private View
Late night opening: Thursday 11 December until 9pm

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