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BA (Hons) Graphic Branding & Identity students collaborate with WNFO charity on design competition


Written by
Jake May
Published date
09 March 2018

BA (Hons) Graphic Branding & Identity students recently collaborated with Why Not Find Out (WNFO), a charity which aims to raise awareness and offer information to young people about drugs, in a design project competition set by Course Leader Alison Barnes and charity CEO Michael O’Toole. 

The third year BA (Hons) Graphic Branding & Identity students were given 3 weeks to offer their creative design solutions for redesigning the charity’s logo.

Jacob Ozolins was selected as the competition winner shortly after he submitted a logo design with variations and researching about the company.

Being selected as the competition winner, 22-year-old Jacob has built up his professional portfolio and was financially awarded for his efforts. He said: “I’m really pleased and I was quite surprised to find that I had won a design competition as I’m on a course full of graphic designers. It’s definitely given me more confidence in my abilities.”

Course Leader Alison Barnes and WNFO CEO Michael O’Toole

Michael O’Toole, CEO of the WNFO charity, said: “I think it’s essential for us to collaborate with students in these kind of projects, especially as our target audience is 14-25 for the program Jacob worked on so we try to involve young people in everything we do. I loved a lot of the designs and it was really tough to choose the winner.

” We would definitely love to collaborate with LCC again in the future. We have a range of different programs that we work on that need branding strategies for different audiences, so we are always seeking collaborations like this.” — Michael O’Toole

Jacob, who is originally from Latvia, has a passion for branding and working on a project from start to finish. He focuses on developing work that is underpinned by strong research, which enables him to develop solutions that are strategic, conceptually strong and clearly communicate to the specific audience.

BA (Hons) Graphic Branding & Identity Course Leader, Alison Barnes, CEO of WNFO, Michael O’Toole and competition winner, Jacob Ozolins.

“The greatest highlight of the process has been the chance to work with the college and the Graphic Branding & Identity students. What was really impressive, aside from the designs, was the research, understanding and ideas that evidently underpinned them. There were some really intelligent and thoughtful stories behind the designs – another factor that made it hard to decide.”

Alison Barnes, Course Leader, told us: “Jacob’s strategy and design conveyed a powerful message in a simple but meaningful way. He expressed an awful lot within a relatively simple wordmark. It talks about looking at things closely, asking questions and cleverly links to many of the key points WNFO raised in the brief.”

Jacob’s logo design will soon be featured on the WNFO website, Instagram and Twitter accounts.