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BA (Hons) Advertising graduates give employment tips to current students

Sharin Johal landscape
Sharin Johal landscape

Written by
Helen Carney
Published date
02 March 2015

The BA (Hons) Advertising ethos at LCC means providing the advertising industry with the cutting-edge innovators of the future.

BA (Hons) Advertising Alumni Employability Talks and Workshops invite recent graduates to give lectures and employment advice to third-year students as part of their Content Creation unit.

BA (Hons) Advertising has an excellent employability record with the 2014 crop of recent graduates being no exception. Many are already in excellent jobs having graduated only eight months ago.

Laura Fontes and Nicolas Bruck, who graduated in 2014, are Creative Directors at Clubhouse, an offshoot of Mother ad agency, and gave one of the recent talks.

The success doesn’t stop there as they have so far already employed one of the course’s current third-year students, Sharin Johal, on a two-week internship.

Sharin got to shoot 15 campaigns for the advertising agency. Speaking about her internship experience, she said:

“My time at Clubhouse Studios was incredible. Nic Bruck and Laura Fontes, graduates from the previous year of BA (Hons) Advertising, gave me this amazing opportunity.

“I can’t thank them enough as they allowed me to use my creativity and photograph the digital campaigns for Ben & Jerry’s UK & Northern Europe. I loved every bit!”

Other recent alumni to give talks are Jacob Gardner, Producer at Independent Films and Gaelle De Gasquet, Account Manager at UM International.

LCC alumnus George Slokoski graduated from the course in 2012, so we asked him how the College led to his current role as a media data analyst at DTV, an agency that specialises in TV advertising for the third sector.

“I think LCC and UAL definitely carry weight on an application. I know for a fact that there are people from the industry scouting for talent at Uni and this was a few years ago.

“I know the course has come a long way so I have no doubt the links with the industry have gotten even stronger as more and more of us graduate and go on to become excellent professionals.

“My housemate, who was on the same course and works at one of the bigger integrated agencies in London, told me someone even brought LCC magazine Artefact into the office recently!”

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