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Louise Marshall

Associate Lecturer, BA (Hons) Sound Arts
London College of Communication
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Louise  Marshall


Dr Louise Marshall (writing name: Louise Gray) is a researcher and writer.

She is an associate lecturer teaching on the BA (Hons) Sound Arts and Design and MA Sound Arts at the London College of Communication. Louise is also a first-year tutor for the BA students.

Her interests are rooted in listening (in sound art, music and performance) as parsed through methodologies drawn from psychoanalysis, oral history and feminist theory.

This is a strategy to unsettle the extant musicological canon in order that is enriched with a greater frame of work and reference, reflecting multiplicities of positions and relationships.

As an AHRC technē-funded doctoral student working at CRiSAP, Louise’s PhD took its cue from Pauline Oliveros’s practice of Deep Listening to conduct in depth interviews with five female composers as a way to redress their lack of representation in musical historiography.

Coming out of this, was the identification of the sonic artefact, a mode of listening that occurs in a third space between a listener and speaker. This theoretical position was taken up again while as a recent technē Innovation research fellow at the Wellcome Collection, London, where her research focussed on the relationship of the self to vocality, with particular reference to the vocal production of polio patients in post-war epidemics.

As Louise Gray, she has a long-standing writing practice, contributing to The Wire and many other publications.

She has published a number of articles on composers Annea Lockwood and Éliane Radigue. Her chapter on female composers and technology will be published in the Cambridge Companion to Women Composers (Cambridge University Press, forthcoming, 2021). She is currently working on a journal article on the acoustic works of Radigue.

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Twitter: @drlouisegray